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The D.R.G. Initiative pitches teams of 6 characters against each other in intense shooting battles. Team Elimination is the name of the game, with adaptive game objectives controlled by the GamesMaster adding a unique element, never before seen in video games! Oh and don’t forget the Addicted… they will savage anyone who gets too close!

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    Putting the team together

    You’re going to need to pick your characters wisely for The D.R.G. Initiative. Because you only get 2… and when they’re dead… they’re, errr… dead! Each faction contains varied classes which all work differently with each other as a team.

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    Keep 'um alive captain!

    So you only get 2 lives! So what, you should have been an 80’s kid!You can keep your girls and guys alive mid-game though! Just run them into one of the handy, but sparse, swap pods and instantly switch to your other, surviving character… assuming they are alive!


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